Since Covid-19 threw a curve ball in our original season plans, Community Players put together a collection of outdoor performances held at our 5109 Nutters Cross Road location!
These performances were held in a drive-in style with audiences enjoying the show from the comfort and safety of their vehicle. Each performance was broadcast via FM Transmitter directly to your car radio!

Love Letters
By A.R. Gurney
Love Letters follows the relationship between Andrew and Melissa for more than fifty years through a series of letters they write to each other. In these letters, they discuss hopes, dreams, missed opportunities, relationships, and events that have passed between them during their separated lives.

Directed by - Matt Bogdan

Fri 9/11/20 7:00 PM Sat 9/12/20 2:00 PM

Hate Mail
By Bill Corbett and Kira Obolensky
In this alternative to Love Letters, Preston and Dalia embark on an epic correspondence after Preston writes a furious letter to a store demanding a refund. Whether the two are joining cults, having breakdowns, shipping each other deceased lizards, or falling in love, Hate Mail is a two-person comedy full of surprises at every turn.

Directed by - Pete Cuesta

Fri 9/18/20 7:00 PM Sat 9/19/20 2:00 PM

Broadway-Themed Concert

Directed by Rusty Mumford
Musical Directed by Jeff Baer

Fri 9/25/20 7:00 PM Sat 9/26/20 2:00 PM

Love, Loss and What I Wore
by Delia Ephron, Ilene Beckerman, Nora Ephron
A one act 90 minute play of monologues and ensemble pieces about women, clothes and memory covering all the important subjects—mothers, prom dresses, mothers, buying bras, mothers, hating purses and why we only wear black. Based on the bestselling book by Ilene Beckerman.
Rated: PG-13 "Some mature themes and language"

Directed by Robin Finley

Fri 10/02/20 7:00 PM Sat 10/03/20 2:00 PM