CHRIS GORMAN - married to Ken Gorman, lawyer, just quit smoking, easily excited, has way too much to drink, "smokes" on stage.
KEN GORMAN - married to Chris Gorman, lawyer, very excitable, runs up and down the steps, these two bicker a lot.
CLAIRE GANZ - married to Lenny Ganz, socialite, country club aficionado, tends to be very snarky, especially with her husband.
LENNY GANZ - married to Claire Ganz, CPA, narcissist, materialistic and a bit of a control freak.
ERNIE CUSACK - married to Cookie Cusack, Psychiatrist, very attentive of his patients, and especially his wife.
COOKIE CUSACK - married to Ernie Cusack, a TV celebrity for a cooking show, has a bad back, very snappy with her husband.
GLENN COOPER - married to Cassie Cooper, running for State Senate, tired of rumors and innuendos.
CASSIE COOPER - married to Glenn Cooper, "trophy wife," low self-esteem, odd, into crystals.
OFFICER WELCH - long time police officer, no nonsense kind of person
OFFICER PUDNEY - Welch's partner